We are co-conspirators and vagabonds hailing from the frigid streets of NYC and the sweltering hell that is Texas. We cast sonic spells of misery and woe.

vox/ Jamie Myers

drums/ David Christian

guitar/ Kevin Hufnagel

guitar/ Ron Varod

bass/ Johnny DeBlase

Sabbath Assembly returns with their sixth album, Rites of Passage, led by vocalist Jamie Myers (ex-Hammers of Misfortune,Wolves in the Throneroom), featuring guitarist Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) who has been with the band since 2011, original SA drummer Dave Nuss, bassist Johnny Deblase, who also played on the self-titled album, and the new addition of second guitarist Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero, Zvi). 

New Album

RITES OF PASSAGE  out May 12, 2017

on Svart Records

In a time when others in the occult rock genre remain preoccupied with fantasy and dark mysticism, Sabbath Assembly finds the most profound of transformative moments in everyday experience.  Rites of Passagepresents its listeners with a set of songs that the band hopes will mirror their own experiences of transition, and in some way provide necessary passage.


“Shadows Revenge”                        “Does Love Die”

“Angels Trumpets”                        “Twilight of God”

“I Must Be Gone”                        “Seven Sermons to the Dead”

                                “The Bride of Darkness”


Art: Alex Reisfar