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Head over to Revolver and check out the new single Solve et Coagula. while you’re there you can see the new video Trailer Jamie made and take a look at the cover art. link below




We are beyond thrilled to be returning to Europe this spring with Messa. WE look forward to seeing you on the road


EXSANGUINATA, the new film from SABBATH ASSEMBLY and director GRETCHEN HEINEL, asks: Wherefore the quest for eternal life? To what lengths would any of us go to stave off the inexorable rite of aging, sickness, and finally… death.

The story reveals a noblewoman and her devotees perpetuating their power by preying upon her subjects. With each young victim, the rite of adolescence becomes a rite of death. And for the noblewoman – the COUNTESS BATHORY – the rite of death becomes a rite of adolescence. Roles reversed through blood sacrifice.  Check out the trailer here or watch the film in its entirety here:

Our New album is out! Colin Marston of Menegroth studio in Queens handled the tracking. and jason buntz of Enormous Door Mastering in Austin, recordedJamie's vocal tracks. We're honored to have worked under their expertise. This album is a scorcher.

We're hitting this july with Atriarch.  West coast, here we come!

Sabbath Assembly has, in grandiose form, reinvented and re-imagined themselves and, at least for me, it is a welcome change. Particularly with the way they chose to do it, with searing compositions so reminiscent of the metal warriors of days past. The triumph here is, it all sounds unforced and as if this was the plan from the beginning.
— Nine Circles

Decibel Magazine has premiered a new song off our upcoming self titled album

Check out "Fiery Angel of Desire" :

The new album reviews are coming in and they're fantastic!

Kevin Hufnagel shows his absolute command of his instrument at all times) and Jamie Myers’ glorious vocal styling begins weaving throughout the tune, you know you’re going to be hanging on every riff and vocal line - indeed every piece - of each of the nine tracks on here.
— Metal as Fuck

Morgan Evans from Metal Riot took the time out to interview David and Jamie about the new album

Check out the interview here:

Sabbath Assembly and Christian Mistress are hitting the road together this summer in an unholy alliance up the west coast. - the "From Darkness to Darkness" tour. We will be performing songs from all three albums and many off our forthcoming self titled album, out this September on Svart Records.  
Tour dates :
July 10 - The Elbo Room - San Francisco, Ca (w/ Alaric and Ails)
July 11 - The Starlight Lounge - Sacramento, Ca

July 13 - The Wisp House - Salem, Or
July 14 - Old Nick's Pub - Eugene, Or
July 15 - The Highline - Seattle, Wa (w/ King Dude and A Story of Rats )
July 16 - The Shakedown - Bellingham, Wa
July 17 - Obsidian - Olympia, Wa
July 18 - Rotture - Portland, Or

we've just wrapped up our fifth album, due out this fall on Svart Records.  Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts/ Krallice), at Menegroth The Thousand Caves, in NYC.  Stay tuned for a sneak peak!

Her voice is the stuff of bothe fever dreams and Byzantine nightmares...
Sabbath Assembly presents a completely different take of satanic-minded heresies than most of us are used is carried by some wonderful instrumentation and portentous vocal talents.....this is a lovely collection of blasphemous
Powerful, passionate stuff, and it’s a damn sight darker than a lot of the stuff some ‘try hard’ black metal bands put out.
— Metal as Fuck